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Made for your daily needs, this Whirlpool Intellifresh refrigerator has 5-in-1 convertible freezer modes with Adaptive Intelligence technology. To provide you with long-lasting freshness, Adaptive Intelligence technology continuously detects, adapts, and monitors temperature and humidity levels within the refrigerator based on load, usage behaviour, and external weather conditions.

Design and performance

This double door refrigerator has a capacity of 265 litres, allowing you to store a big amount of food, vegetables, frozen foods, and other items for medium-sized households of 3-4 people. This refrigerator features Intellisense inverter technology, which helps you conserve energy every day, produces very little noise, and is built to last. The compressor is also covered by a 10-year warranty. It can work without a stabilizer and automatically connects to household inverters. This model has an inverter compressor and a three-star energy rating, resulting in annual energy consumption of 190 kWh, which is fairly good.


Vegetables and fruits are kept fresh for a longer time by preventing excessive ripening.

The unique anti-microblock ingredient helps inhibit bacterial development by up to 99 percent, keeping vegetables and fruit fresher.

Analyze data on a regular basis to maintain optimal cooling for long-term freshness.

An air tower that has been scientifically built and strategically located vents that allow cool and fresh air to flow into different regions of the refrigerator, ensuring uniform cooling and long-lasting freshness.

The Freshonizer feature helps to keep vegetables & fruits fresh by reducing oxidation.

The Honey Comb Moisture Lock-in Technology helps in condensing the evaporated moisture from the food to ensure balanced air and optimum freshness.

The IntelliSense Invertor Technology adapts the cooling to the internal load efficiently not only that it saves energy but also ensures flawless performance even in the event of a power outage.

With the latest Zeolite technology, Microblock technology, and FreshFlow AirTower with Flexi Vents, you can now get up to 15 days of garden freshness.

It automatically links to the home inverter in the event of a power outage, ensuring consistent cooling and long-lasting freshness.


Without a question, Whirlpool INTELLIFRESH INV CNV 278 3S is one of the top Double Door Refrigerators models currently available on the market, but there are others you can explore too. Whirlpool double door refrigerators are rated Best in terms of Value for Money, Best in terms of Performance, and Better in terms of Design & Features. The Whirlpool IF INV CNV 278 GERMAN STEEL (3s)-N is the best Double Door Refrigerators for medium to large families with a separate freezer compartment, more space, and more cooling.

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