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Samsung Double Door Refrigerator 253 L

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Samsung Double Door Frost Free 253L Refrigerator with Digital Inverter Technology, Model RT28A3453S8

For those who look for something more than a normal refrigerator, this model will be an apt one. No other brand understands it’s customer better than Samsung! Samsung has designed this model uniquely in order to give its customer better satisfaction. Samsung Double Door Refrigerator with Digital Inverter technology operates in a Frost Free mechanism and is available in an Elegant Inox colour. The capacity of this refrigerator is 253 L, ideal for a small and medium family of 3 – 4 members.

Packed with Innovative Features!!

Samsung double door fridge specifications

You just can’t move your legs away from this Samsung double door frost free Refrigerator with curd maestro RT28A3453S8

Samsung Double Door Refrigerator has many enhanced aspects that you can’t believe. Key points are listed below:

1. Digital Inverter Technology – Samsung Double Door Refrigerator with the Digital Inverter Technology makes a silent operation, thus delivering a lesser noise. It provides the maximum cooling performance by consuming less energy. This technology also increases the lifespan of your refrigerator.

2. Frost Free – This model is a Frost Free refrigerator which prevents accumulation of ice in your freezer. Thus, it saves a lot of time and manual effort required to defrost.

3. No Stabiliser Required – Sounds good! Yes! Samsung Refrigerator is equipped with an in-built mechanism that protects your refrigerator against voltage fluctuations. Protect the refrigerator from power fluctuations*. The Stabilizer Free Operation keeps it working steadily and reliably. If the voltage increases too much it automatically cuts the power to prevent electrical damage. The compressor even operates at 50°C. So you don’t need a separate stabilizer.

4. Uniform and Faster Cooling – This refrigerator provides a faster cooling in just 3 seconds. Simply press the “Power Cool” option and see the Magic ! It also delivers a uniform cooling effect that keeps your food stay fresh for a longer time.

5. Prevents Food Spoilage against Power Cuts – Do you face frequent power cuts? Relax! Samsung has designed the freezer of this refrigerator in such a way that the Cool Pack in it can keep your food fresh for upto 12 hours.

6. Inverter Connect – This Smart Refrigerator works well with inverters. Connect your refrigerator to the home inverter and enjoy uninterrupted cooling.

7. Alarm Door – Sometimes, in a sense of urgency, you may not close your fridge door properly. And if you have a small kid at home, of course they will play with a fridge door. Samsung has designed this refrigerator in such a way that it produces a sound effect when the door is not closed properly.

8. Use Freezer as a storage rack – Does your refrigerator often run out of space? Don’t worry! Samsung has something good for you in this refrigerator. This model has a movable ice tray. You can just remove it and use it for storage.

9. Easy Slide Shelf – Organize, put in and take out food more easily,so there’s no ‘dead space’. The Easy Slide Shelf is built on rolling hinges and simply slides in and out. It means you can quickly find what you want and easily reach things at the back and in every corner without items getting squashed or broken.

10. Movable Ice Maker: Make sure that you always have plenty of ice to stay cool when it’s warm. A simple twist of the Movable Ice Maker is all it takes to dispense a large quantity of ice. But when the seasons change and there’s not much need for ice, you can easily remove it and create more space in the freezer.

Can you believe that you can make curd in the Samsung Refrigerator with Card Maestro.

This Samsung Frost Free Refrigerator  makes fresh curd and preserves it too. It is not only convenient but also eliminates all the hassle of curd making in different weather conditions. What’s more! It makes curd with the same consistency, every time.

Step 1:
Mix starter/culture

Take out the container from the Curd Maestro™, add curd starter/culture in lukewarm milk and mix it well. Now put the container back in the Curd Maestro™ refrigerator.

Step 2:

Press the ‘Curd’ button on the display to select ‘Soft’ curd or ‘Thick’ curd option as per your preference. Rest the mixture for approx. 6.5 hours (for soft)* and approx. 7.5 hours (for thick)* for fermentation.

Step 3:

The ‘Serve’ icon lights up as an indication that curd is ready to serve. Curd can also be stored for 3 days in the Curd Maestro™ refrigerator.

Pros of the Samsung Double Door Fridge

We personally love this refrigerator very much. I have jotted down the advantages of this model below for your easy analyzing.

  • It provides high cooling performance in just 3 seconds.
  • The deodorizing filter in this model prevents your fridge from smelling.  
  • Shelves are made up of hardened glass and are easily adjustable.
  • High Cooling Performance at an affordable price.
  • It has Spacious storage facility. 
  • It works well with inverter and Solar Electricity.
  • It does not require a stabilizer.
  • Ensures high durability at an affordable cost.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Low maintenance cost as it is backed by 10 years of compressor warranty  and 1 year of product warranty.

Cons of the Samsung Refrigerator RT28A3453S8

This model has some drawbacks, especially on space handling. Samsung should consider the below aspects.

  • If we store a few things in this fridge, it gets filled. It seems that the freezer occupies more space in this model. 
  • Too much space is left for the height of the egg container.  
  • The ‘Child Lock’ option is not available in this model.

Price of the Samsung RT28A3453S8​ in India

Samsung Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator is available at a price of just Rs.23,490* on Amazon. You can purchase the same at the price of Rs.23,500* on Samsung’s Official Website.

Technical Specifications of the Samsung Refrigerator

Product Information






                      253 L

Operation Type

                      Digital Inverter    


Cooling Mechanism

                      Frost Free

Installation Type

                      Free Standing

Physical Design


                        Elegant Inox

Body Material

                        Stainless Steel

Shelf Material


                        Hardened Glass

Shelf Material


                        Cool Pack

Dimensions (L*W*H in Centimeters)

                        63.7 x 55.5 x 154.5 


                        46 Kgs

Cooling Control 

                        Digital Display 

Door Type

                        Double Door

Special Features


Not Required

Curd Maestro


Frost Free


No of Shelves

2 (in Fridge)

1 (in Freezer)

Vegetable Box

1 large

Egg Holder


Ice Making tray


Inside LED 



Deodorising Filter


Works with Solar Electricity


Works with



Alarm Door


Energy Consumption 

Annual Power Consumption

193 Kilowatts Hour

Energy Rating



                          Compressor Warranty

10 Years

                            Product Warranty

1 Year


Some of your questions Answered

Yes! You can make a tasty curd in 6-7 hours using the Curd Maestro

Yes! It ensures proper circulation air thereby preventing odour.

When your fridge operates, in order to deliver a cooling effect, heat is produced by your fridge. To cut down this heat, heat reducing pipes are fitted on the sides of the fridge.

 No. It is not a Convertible Refrigerator

 Yes! It is made up of hardened glass that can bear weight upto 175 kg.

Yes! You can find the Cool Pack below the freezer.

No. It is a Frost Free refrigerator.

NoIt has an in-built mechanism that can withstand power fluctuations.

Some Instructions for Longer Life of your Fridge

 In order to increase the durability of your appliance, please follow the below standard instructions:

  • Place your refrigerator on the flat ground surface, having at least 5cms space from the wall.
  • Make sure that your refrigerator is not exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Keep your refrigerator away from flammable devices.
  • Don’t overload your fridge with too much food.
  • To maintain long-lasting cooling effectiveness, try not to open the door frequently.
  • Clean your refrigerator periodically.
  • Do not plug your refrigerator into a damaged socket. 
  • High voltage power supply. Connect this appliance to a single socket unit.
  • Don’t play with the fridge using water.
  • Advised not to store flammable things inside the refrigerator.
  • Keep your fridge away from water leakage. It is suggested to use the stand to protect your appliance from unexpected water clog or leakage.

Important Note

*The Product information, warranty period and pricing mentioned above varies for each model.   The pricing mentioned was at the time of publishing this post.

*Please adhere to the above mentioned precautionary measures to enjoy a long-lasting         performance of your appliance. These instructions could vary from product to product. Please read the product brochure carefully for detailed instructions. 

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