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Samsung Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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Technology can definitely come to the rescue when it comes to household work and washing machines are one for cleaning clothes. Samsung is a brand that manufactures one of the most reliable washing machines in India. The latest washing machines have really caught up with the market demands and their needs not only making them easy to use but also making them family friendly.

Design and Performance

This model features a sleek design that not only makes it functional but also good to look at, this family friendly top load automatic washing machine is not only affordable but also effective. The washing machine comes with special features such as the Magic filter, Auto restart, Easy Iron, Eco Tub Clean. The center jet technology improves washing effectiveness caused by the jets of water generated from the center of the pulsator by lifting the clothes up therefore preventing tangled laundry.


Diamond drum: Effective washing while treating clothes with care and the smooth shaped ridges that treat delicate items with care.

Monsoon drying system: This feature allows air to be drawn in through the vents that create a drying power drying excess moisture caused by circulating air saving your time.

Magic Filter- A Magic Filter effectively collects lint, fluff, and particles that escape from your clothes, keeping your laundry cleaner and your drains from getting clogged. It’s also simple to clean.

Gentle Fabric Care- Make sure your clothing does not get any damages. The Diamond Drum distinct shape successfully washes clothing while also caring for them.

Child lock- Protect your washing machine and keeping it safe from children’s activities

Delicate wash Mode- Choose delicate wash for clothing like sweaters, cardigans, and wool clothing.

Powerful filtration- A Magic Filter effectively collects particles from your clothes, resulting in clean laundry.

Keep Your Washer Fresh- The Eco Tub Clean course does not use harsh chemicals to keep your top load washer clean.

Quick wash Mode- The Quick Wash Program is ideal for your hectic lifestyle.

Samsung Top Load Washing Machines

Samsung is a brand that is selling really good quality top load washing machines in India. These top load washing machines are known to have the best value for money, it is easy to use, it is lightweight and comes with better performance.


If you are looking for something that is perfect for a medium-sized family then the Samsung WA70A4002GS/TL is the one for you. It is energy efficient and it is also one washing machine that is popular among buyers that will surely give you good satisfaction.

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