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Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Air Purifier

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Air pollution is a serious problem and especially when you stay in a metropolitan area or in any city itself. Such things as harmful pollutants, seasonal allergens, and more can easily enter your house that will eventually affect your health and wellbeing. Air purifiers are designed to help make the air in your home cleaner, and make the air in your homes cleaner and a bit healthier.

The Dyson is interesting when it comes to design, features, and capabilities this brand has a commanding presence in the air purifier segment. The prices for these purifiers start from Rs. 39,015 onwards.

Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Air Purifier with heater

  • Intelligent Purification: HEPA H13 and activated carbon filtration removes 99.95% of allergens & pollutants as small as PM 0.1 (0.1 microns) including dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, pet dander, VOCs and other harmful gases/odors
  • Multi-Functionality: HEPA Air Purifier + Heater + Bladeless Fan in one which projects smooth purified air per second. Backward airflow (Diffused) mode purifies without cooling or heating you

Design and features

The device comes with a bladeless fan system with a hollow capsule-shaped upper part and a cylindrical base that holds most of the electrical components. The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Air Purifier is comparatively heavier than the cool variant model.

This air purifier comes in different colors the white/silver and black/nickel in India. The Purifier Hot+Cool has a larger 16A plug and needs to be connected to a 16A socket.

It has just a single button to control the power and a hatch at the bottom for accessing and for installing the air filters with a 1.8m power cable that is long enough for ease of use.

The HEPA + carbon filters will require periodic replacement and their life can be tracked through the Dyson Link app.

The device comes with a remote powered with a button cell battery and it is also magnetized that allows you to place it securely on top of the air purifiers when not in use.

Right below the capsule-shaped fan component on the purifier is a small color screen, which shows the information of its operation. Showing the fan speed and the various statistics and data.

The company has developed a special feature for this model with the ability to heat air as it is purified. It is enhanced with self-regulating ceramic plates that are hidden within the frame of the ring from which air is pushed out. The plates heat the air as it leaves the machine after going through the purification process. Featuring a thermostat control that can also turn off the heating plates once the target temperature is achieved and then turn back one when the temperature drops.

According to the company, this purifier is enhanced with a high-quality Glass HEPA filter made with 9m of borosilicate microfibre pleated over 200 times that claims to remove 99.95 percent of allergens and pollutants particles. Along with that, it comes with a carbon filter that is claimed to have 300g of activated carbon, to capture gases and smells.

The Dyson key feature is its low noise even at the highest speed while delivering good air pressure.  The Auto mode automatically adjusts the fan speed to meet the target temperature level or just purifies the air.


The Hot performance is appealing to those who live in areas with harsh winters and is significantly better than the traditional room heaters. It is also capable of circulating cool air through a room while also purifying your air making this a good option.

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