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Bajaj Microwave Oven 17L

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Bajaj 1701 MT 17L Solo Microwave Oven

Bajaj, the reputed brand, is known for manufacturing quality products at an affordable price. If you are looking for a budget-friendly Microwave Oven, then this Bajaj Microwave Oven could be your best choice. This Solo type Microwave Oven can do cooking, reheating and defrosting. The capacity of this Oven is 17L, ideal for a small family of 2-3 members. This Microwave Oven is available to you in a Charming White colour, providing an attractive addition to your kitchen. The size of this appliance is very compact and you can place it conveniently over your kitchen top.

Are You Eager to Know About the Bajaj 1701 MT Microwave Oven Features?

Here we go! We try to list some of the bajaj microwave oven 1701 mt features:

  1. Defrost – Are you a busy runner? Don’t have time to wait for your refrigerated food to chill down? Then you will love this Oven! This Microwave Oven normalizes your food temperature  in minutes.
  1. Reheating – Most of us would like to have our meal hot. This Oven can help you to reheat and serve your food hot. 
  1. Control Knob System – This Bajaj Solo type Microwave Oven is designed with Control Knob system. You can easily adjust the temperature and timing in this Oven.
  1. Fast Cooking – The output power is 700 Watts. Thus, your food gets cooked quickly in this Oven.
  1. Timer – This Microwave Oven has a cooking time upto 30 minutes. And also it alerts you when cooking is done.

Pros of the Bajaj 1701 MT Microwave Oven

You can definitely buy this Microwave Oven if your purpose is only for cooking and reheating. It has many advantages. Here is the list:

  • You can cook a variety of foods like Idli, rice, Pizza, Popcorn, Muffins, papad etc., without much oil.
  • It provides a long-lasting performance at a really affordable price. 
  • You have 5 Power points in this Oven that makes you prepare different flavours of foods. Based on your dish, you can set the temperature easily.
  • It makes your cooking faster. Thus, it saves a lot of your time.
  • It is a perfect partner for bachelors.

Cons of the Bajaj 1701 MT Microwave Oven

This model is just a basic Microwave Oven. The following are the drawbacks of this model.

  • You cannot use this Microwave Oven for grilling.
  • You can prepare food only in less quantity. It is not suitable for a medium or large sized family.
  • This model does not have a handle bar, which makes it difficult to open or close the door.
  • This model does not provide you any utensils along with the Oven.

The Bajaj Microwave Oven 1701 MT Price

This Bajaj Solo type Microwave Oven is priced at Rs.4,249 in Amazon and the same is available at the price of Rs.5,232.59 in the company website.


Product Information

Brand                      Bajaj
Model                    1701 MT
Capacity                      17L
Function Type                      Solo   
Installation Type                      Free Standing

 Physical Design

Body MaterialMetal
Heating MethodElectric cord
Dimensions (L*W*H in Centimeters)28 x 40.2 x 21.2
Weight11.3 Kgs
Power Control SystemKnob

Energy Consumption 

Power Consumption1200 Watts (Input)
Power Levels (in Oven)1- 5

Special Features

Smart Cook MenuYes


Product Warranty1 Year
Magnetron Warranty1 Year

Installation Assistance

You don’t need to worry about the installation process. Authorized Technician from Bajaj can help you with the setup of your Microwave Oven. And a free demonstration is provided by the technician. You will also get a user manual along with this product.

Common Questions

  1. Can we boil milk in this Microwave Oven?

Yes! You can boil milk and can also make tea in this Oven.

  1. Can we make Pizzas in this Oven?


  1. Can we use metal plates in this Microwave Oven? 

    No. You can use only a glass plate to cook.

  1. Is this model ideal for barbecues?

No. You cannot use this Oven for grilling.

  1. Can we do French Fries in this Oven?


  1. What is the size of the glass plate in this Oven?

    10 inches.

  1. Does this model require a stabiliser?


  1. How much time is taken to heat in this Oven?

You can reheat in 2 minutes.

  1. Can we use Aluminium tray to bake Sponge cakes?

    Yes! You can use aluminium plate in this.

  1.  Can we toast bread in this Oven?

  Yes! You can!

Warning Instructions 

Please follow the below guidelines strictly to avoid any possible harmful effects of using this appliance:

  • Place your Oven on a flat ground surface.
  • Only use the glass or aluminum tray in this Microwave Oven.
  • Do not try cooking with your Oven door kept open.
  • Do not use the Oven as a storage container. 
  • It is not advisable to touch the rotating tray inside the microwave oven while operating.
  • If any smoke is observed, switch off your Oven and keep the Oven door closed. Call the authorized technician immediately.
  • Don’t use the Oven if the door is damaged or not able to close properly. Call the authorized technician for service.
  • Do not dry clothes in Oven heat.

Important Note

  *The Product information, warranty period and pricing mentioned above varies for each model.   

 *Please adhere to the above mentioned precautionary measures to enjoy a long-lasting performance of your appliance.

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