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The Nikon Z9 Camera

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Nikon’s Flagship camera model Z series was launched in India on October 29,2021. A full frame mirrorless interchangeable camera which provides high quality images at 45.7 effective megapixels with stacked CMOS Sensor(FX format). It has the world’s first blackout free electronic viewfinder, which captures all the details of your subject at a rapid speed of 120 Frames Per second. You can record videos at a top quality of 8K resolution.

Highlights of Nikon Z series Camera

  • 4 axis vertical and horizontal tilting touch monitors for steady focussed real time snapshots.
  • Fast AutoFocus and Auto Exposure(AF/AE).
  • Blackout free electronic viewfinder.
  • World’s best minimal rolling shutter –  An Electronic Shutter System.
  • World’s fastest scanning speed means 12 times faster data analysis.
  • Dual Stream Technology for a clear undisturbed view.

Main Specifications of Nikon Z9 Camera

Nikon Z 9 Camera has a touch screen LCD monitor which is about 2100K dot resolution. It’s Quad-VGA Panel enables you to adjust the brightness up to 3000cd/m2. Nikon has built a revolutionary image processing engine Expeed 7 in this camera. It performs super fast calculations of AF and AE at 120 cycles per second. Powered by a stacked CMOS sensor(35.9mm x 23.9 mm) with dual stream data. It enables you to take 45.7 megapixel images at 30 fps and 11 megapixel images at a high speed of 120 fps without any blackouts. An electronic shutter makes you shoot a shakefree precise image at absolute silence. Compared to other brands, this advanced Nikon Z 9 model camera allows you to record 8K UHD videos(10 bit) at 30/25/24 fps continuously for 125 minutes.. It is equipped with 24 bit Linear PCM audio for greater quality. Also SDR, HLG and N-Log are embedded for perfect tone.

Features of Nikon Z 9 Camera

  • Deep learning Algorithm :
    • Automatically detects a wide range of subjects like humans, animals and vehicles and tracks them accurately.
    • Tracks every moment of the small and fast subjects easily.
  •  Enhanced Eye AF: Eye tracking features autofocuses on the eyes of humans, dogs, cats, and other animals and starts tracking them. An ace camera for sports shoots.
  • 3D Tracking:  Its 3D tracking technique makes a better coverage of the subjects. Best to shoot birds fly, flight movements and so on.
  • Bright Focus in the Dark: Nikon Z 9 Camera captures sharp brilliant pictures even in the darkness. By activating starlight mode, you can focus upto -8.5 Exposure Value.
  • Continuous shoot upto 1000 images: With its enhanced buffer size, the Z series camera can shoot approximately 1000 images continuously in full frame resolution at 20 frames per second. It stores files in JPEG or RAW format. ProGrade Digital CFexpress™ Type B 2.0 Cobalt 1700R memory card is suggested for more efficient performance.
  • Shoot in Silence: It has the world’s best minimal rolling shutter that gives a silent shooting experience without any sound produced due to manual shuttering or lens drive.
  • No Overheating:  It’s unique body frame reduces heat generated due to prolonged use.
  • 8K/ 4K Video Recording: Nikon Z 9’s 2.3x crop mode enables you to shoot 10 bit 4K UHD videos in full megapixel at 24/25/30 fps without altering the lens.
  • Glasses Mode: The size of the display is reduced to provide more visibility.

Other Specifications Nikon Z 9 Camera Model

Lens Type

Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens

Lens Mount

Z mount 


3.2 inches Tiltable TFT Touch LCD Monitor

Image Resolution

45.7 Mega Pixels

Video Resolution

10 bit 8k/4k UHD at 24/25/30fps 


In-built or external stereo Microphone 

Image Sensor

Stacked CMOS (FX format)

Image Format

JPEG(Fine, Normal, Basic, Size priority, Optimal Compression), NEF RAW and NEF RAW + JPEG

Video Format


Audio Format

Linear PCM, AAC


10 Bit uncompressed

Colour Temperature Control 

5 Manual Steps

White balance

Preset – 6 modes,

Auto – 3 modes,

Fluorescent – 3 modes

Shutter Speed

1/32000 to 30 sec


i TTL Flash Control

Anti Dust Proof



EN-EL18d rechargeable Li-ion battery

AC Adapter/ Battery Charger

EH-7P Adapter/ MH 33 Charger

Memory Card 

CFexpress -Type B

XQD Type Memory

Focus type 

Hybrid Phase detection/contrast AutoFocus (493 single point)


USB, stereo mic and speaker, bluetooth, Snap Bridge Smart app, RJ 45 connector, Wifi(2.4/5 GHz band) 

Field Coverage



Touch screen


149mm x 149.5mm x 90.5mm


1340 grams



ISO Standard

ISO 64–25600


Price of Nikon Z9 in India

Nikon z 9 camera model is offered for the price of Rs.4,75,995 in India. And it is available for sale by the end of this November month. However, you can start pre booking your orders now.

Upcoming Firmware updates

Nikon has also announced the release of firmware updates in the year 2022 for enhanced performance.

  1. 12 bit 8K resolution at 60 fps in RAW format(in-camera)
  2. 12 bit RAW video in N- RAW, ProRes RAW HQ.

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