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Go Pro Max 306 Action Camera

by Team ATOZ
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GoPro MAX Action Camera

Experience total creative freedom with the most versatile 360 camera. You get 3 cameras in one: unreal spherical footage, HERO-style video and photos, and a vlogging powerhouse that’s second to none. 360 capabilities deliver amazing panoramic photos and 360 Timelapse, too. Featuring unbreakable stabilization, premium audio from 6 mics, and waterproof design, this camera maximizes WOW.

Bring it all together with the Quik app

The Quik app makes it easy to get a handle on all your content. And use Reframe to easily transform mind-bending 360 footage into traditional photos and videos.

  All your favorite shots in one spot
  Share to Quik from anywhere
Automatic highlight videos
Powerful editing tools

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