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Market leader GoPro has finally come up with the big changes in this new model, the new upgrades that come with a new sensor, color displays on the front and rear, and the ability to shoot videos up to 5K resolution at 30fps or capture 20MP photos. Hero 9 is giving vloggers a run for the money at Rs. 49,500 with impressive changes compared to its predecessor.

Design and build

Design wise on the surface it hasn’t changed much but it is bigger and heavier than the Hero 8 Black but still relatively compact and small enough that it’ll slip into your pocket with ease. Featuring bigger displays and battery but it is compatible with all the previous GoPro accessories along with being waterproof up to 33ft.

Enhanced with a metal frame and rubber along the edges and front tough built and made to survive drops. The new feature that is added is the front-facing LCD color screen, this 1.4-inch screen can be really important and useful for Vloggers for framing self-shots.


This new model is quite similar to the old models and has a very familiar experience to the previous models. You can use the same gestures that will lead to the different shooting modes and more. The side button also helps you to change the different shooting modes that are video, time-lapse, and photo.

The touch response can sometimes be a little slow when it comes to changing modes and responding to inputs which can be difficult at times and forces you to use the App instead. On the positive side, the 2.27-inch touchscreen with 320×240 resolution features a bright display that makes it easier for you to change settings whenever you need it.

The Hero 9 supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that allows you to connect the camera to your phone and you can control it through the app along with GPS to help determine the location of the camera.

Image quality

The new 23.6-megapixel sensor lets you capture 20-megapixel photos which is a big upgrade compared to the previous models with an option for HDR images giving you quality images that are sharp and the colors are vibrant. The Night mode can give you good quality pictures as the shutter can be open for up to 30 seconds.

Video quality

A new feature that really grasps the attention of the Hero 9 Black is its ability to record videos in 5K that is (5120×2880 pixels). Shooting during daytime the quality is very good and featuring the HyperSmooth 3.0 stabilization that also works very well. If you choose the Linear+ Horizon leveling perspective this GoPro can also automatically level the horizon in-camera itself even when mounted at an angle.

Everything in this video was shot at 4K or 5K in the GoPro HERO9 Black. Abe Kislevitz rounds up everything he shot this past summer while testing the HERO9 and picked out his favorite shots that were 4K or above.

Battery life

Hero 9 is enhanced with better battery life using the new 1720mAh cell, an improvement over the predecessor Hero 8’s 1220mAh cell. It is difficult to determine the exact battery life because it depends on the different modes you use and features.


Genuine improvements are seen with this model like the front-facing screen, removable lens cover, the ability to record videos at 5K, and capturing stills at 20MP. This camera will definitely be of much more importance to vloggers and content creators who have enough money to splash on a new easy to carry camera.

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