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Hero 10 Black with 5.3K 60fps and smartphone-like features

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HERO10 Black The tenth generation of the best extreme camera in the world is already here and it is stronger than ever - thanks to the revolutionary new processor, HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilizer and improved performance in low light

Ready for dual performance? The revolutionary new GP2 processor captures 5.3K quality video with 1x double frame rate, 23MP quality images, enhanced performance in low light and HyperSmooth 4.0 digital video stabilizer running in all modes. To simplify matters further - Hero10 Black can connect to the cloud, so as soon as you charge the camera - all the videos and photos you have taken will be automatically backed up to the cloud2. Hero10 Black is designed stronger than ever and offers water resistance and the toughest conditions so you can shoot anywhere.

Revolutionary processor
Faster. Smoother. Better. The new powerful GP2 processor changes the rules of the game – vigorous performance, fast response to the touch screen and doubling the amount of frames for spectacular and extremely smooth photography. GP2 has been specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of GoPro, which provides our fastest “on-chip system”

High resolution video and images + high frame rate
Advance to the sharpest GoPro camera ever. With stunning 23MP quality photos and spectacular 5.3K video capture at 60 frames per second, HERO10 delivers sharper, smoother shooting than ever before. In addition, you can shoot 8x slow motion at 2.7K in quality and you can also export 15.8MP images from videos taken at 5.3K resolution

Image quality you have never seen before
Shoot with the highest sharpness, with a realistic level of detail and rich contrast, even in low light. The images will look even better with the innovative lens cover that is able to repel water and allows photography without unwanted sunlight reflections

HyperSmooth 4.0
HyperSmooth has never been more stable, and it’s even easier with stabilization in all shooting modes. Plus, get better performance in low light and horizontal alignment with a higher bias limit, so your video will look perfectly straight

Faster and more reliable connection
Easier and faster. Transfer photos and videos from the GoPro camera directly to your mobile easily, with the option of effortless wireless transfer via the Quik app or via a USB-C cable connection. You can enable automatic backup to the GoPro cloud

New front screen + improved performance
It is easier to take selfies with the new color screen, which is characterized by a sharper resolution and a higher amount of frames. The rear touch screen responds faster so you can easily control the photo settings. Live streaming with HERO10 Black looks better than ever before, and the possibility of using it as a webcam is easier and more convenient than ever

Tough and waterproof up to 10 meters
With waterproofness and better rigidity than ever, HERO10 Black is suitable for any adventure. The strong construction quality allows it to be taken anywhere, whether you pass in mud, snow or water (up to a depth of 10 meters). The removable and scratch-resistant lens cover adds more protection, and can be easily replaced if needed

Battery that lasts longer
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a higher capacity of 1720mAh, provides more shooting time, so you can take pictures without having to worry about replacing the battery

Max Lens lens
Add the Max lens for an ever-widening shooting angle in a series of HERO cameras, with a spectacular angle of 5155, and uncompromising Max HyperSmooth stabilization

Webcam + live streaming
Use your GoPro camera as a webcam. Share your adventure with live streaming that includes Sharpness and HyperSmooth Stabilization Smooth than ever

Power Tools
With the Power Tools, you can activate smart shooting options such as LiveBurst, which allows you to take a second and a half sequence of images before clicking the aperture. With HindSight you can save the film for up to 30 seconds before pressing the aperture button – so as not to miss a single moment. There are also capture scheduling modes and shooting time, so you can set the shooting in advance

Built-in threaded bracket
Thanks to the built-in threaded bracket – replacing accessories takes seconds. At the end of use the holder folds into the camera. No need for a camera frame – just open the built-in bracket and screw. More than that – all HERO9 Black accessories are compatible with HERO10 Black

Pre-adjusted settings
Make life simpler with pre-set photo settings. You only have to choose the appropriate setting from the selection of existing modes: standard, activity or cinematic. You can also save your own custom photo settings for quick access

Advanced GPS data and sensors
Enable this option and get animation of the sensor data throughout the shoot. You can choose from a speedometer, altimeter, position or even an accelerometer. This is a great way to add statistics to your videos in a professional way

GoPro Hero 10 Features

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