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Post Purchase care for Samsung Washing Machine

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After the purchase of a Samsung washing machine, initially you may get a lot of questions in mind regarding, How to use it? How to clean and maintain it? What is the error message displaying on denotes? and so on. Though we get a free demonstration on installation, we lack clarity on certain things till we get practised to it. Here is the solution to all your queries!

First Step After InstallationCalibrating a Samsung Washing Machine

Once you have installed your washing machine, it is advised to calibrate your washing machine before you start your washing process.It enables your washing machine to detect the weight of your clothes more accurately. 

Post which, your machine will automatically adjust its wash program according to your laundry weight. 

You may get the doubt on how to calibrate your Samsung washing machine? Here you find the steps!

  1. Power on your washing machine.
  2. Please hold the ‘Temp and Delay End +’ button simultaneously for 3 seconds.
  3. Then your washing machine will display the code “CB”. After which, you simply press the ‘start’ button. 
  4. Now your washing machine will run on a calibration mode and power off automatically.

Now your Samsung Washing Machine is all set to go on!

Troubleshooting a Samsung Washing Machine

Your Samsung Washing Machine troubleshoots error, if anything goes wrong with it. It automatically displays a unique “Error Code”, depending on the issue. You will get a handy book containing all the error codes and appropriate solutions to it. By following it, you can fix the issue.

Reset a Samsung Washing Machine

You can also try to reset a Samsung washing machine, if you face any issue while running it. Resetting your washing machine is quite simple. Simply, unplug your washing machine and power it on again. That’s it!

If the problem still persists, please contact the authorized technician immediately. Your warranty is live! Then, the repair cost will be covered by the warranty. 

Samsung Washing Machine AMC

It is always beneficial to get an Annual Maintenance contract for your Samsung Washing Machine. You may want to know as to how you can go ahead and get an AMC for your washing machine. Please note that Samsung does not provide free Annual Maintenance on its appliances. However, you can avail the paid Samsung washing machine amc by contacting the Samsung support.

Oops! Does your Samsung washing machine get stuck while operating?

Now you may think about how you can unlock your Samsung washing machine and take out your clothes?

How to unlock a Samsung Washing Machine?

If the door gets locked, check whether your washing machine is filled with water. If there is no water, you can just unplug your washing machine or power off it and the door will open in most instances. 

There are some other instances that will stop you to unlock a Samsung washing machine door. 

If you have set your washing machine on the child lock option, then you may not be able to open it, without unlocking the child lock option. 

If the water is clogged inside your washing machine, then you need to drain the water first to open the door.

How to Drain a Samsung Washing machine

You will have an emergency cap to send out  the water from your washing machine during uncertainties. Just remove that emergency drain cap. Once the water is drained away, your washing machine door will get unlocked. And you can open the door and remove your clothes from it. 

Cleaning a Samsung Washing Machine is quite a Simple Task!!

You have the Eco Tub Option in your Samsung Washing Machine which does cleaning of your machine. Samsung has equipped its washing machine in such a way that it automatically notifies you when it requires cleaning. 

Please follow the below steps to perform the cleaning task:

  • You should run Eco Tub Mode only on emptying your washing machine.
  • Samsung technicians might have suggested you a cleaning solution upon installation.
  • Pour the recommended solution in a detergent dispenser and press the start button.

This process will remove all lints and other clogged particles from your washing machine. It is suggested to clean a washing machine at least once a month.

Make sure you clean the water filters of the inlet hose regularly to avoid water clogging or leaking.

Important Note

*The above mentioned are the standard procedures prescribed for Samsung Washing Machine.

*There may be slight variation from model to model.

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