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Samsung Microwave Oven 23 L

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Move on to more Comfort Style of Cooking! Samsung, renowned for the most trusted and most attractive brand in India, has introduced a healthy and hygienic cooking appliance. Cooking is no longer a hard task! Samsung makes your cooking more interesting and easier with its Solo Microwave Oven. Cook veggies, chicken curry, paneer masala, boil rice, and many more in this Oven. The capacity of this microwave oven is 23 L. Well suited to cook for a family of 3-4 members.

Samsung Solo Microwave Oven is beautifully designed with a black glossy finish and trendy look. CMF design pattern is applied with stainless steel and mirror material. This oven is built with a push door button for easy handling. Samsung covers warranty for a period of 1 year on product and 1 year on magnetron.

Samsung MS23J5133AG, 23 L Solo Microwave Oven

  • 23L : Suitable for families with 3 to 4 members. Max Cooking Time 99 minutes
  • Solo: Can be used for reheating, defrosting and cooking
  • Warranty: 1 year on Product & 1 year on magnetron
  • Indian recipes for quick prepration, Easy cleaning of interiors with Ceramic Enamel cavity
  • Brand does NOT provide a starter kit with this product

What is Triple Distribution System Technology (TDS)?

Samsung microwave oven is equipped with an innovative technology of Triple Distribution System. Here, heat waves move in three directions, giving a uniform heat effect at every nook and corner of this oven. This makes sures your food is cooked evenly and quickly.

Attractive Features of Samsung Solo Microwave Oven(MS23J5133AG)

Make a flavorful variety of dishes in this adorable microwave oven. Find its features below:

  • Food Warming – Keeps your food warm in its original flavour by setting it at a low temperature. Enjoy hot tasty food.
  • Auto Cook Menu – Samsung microwave oven  gives you a convenient way of cooking with its pre-programmed menu of 16 recipes.
  • Soften/Melt – Make a sugar syrup, melt chocolates or butter quickly in this oven.
  • Ceramic Enamel Cavity/Healthy Cooking –  A ceramic inside this microwave oven ensures 99.9% free from bacteria. This scratch-resistant cavity makes cleaning an easy job. It also guarantees colour retention.
  • Power Defrost – Defrost your frozen food in minutes with this defrost mode. Don’t worry! The moisture texture of your food is preserved.
  • Eco Mode – Compared to other brands, Samsung solo microwave oven saves 40% of your energy in standby mode. It consumes the lowest power when plugged in but not in use. 


Pros and Cons of Samsung Microwave Oven Model MS23J5133AG

Pros of Samsung Microwave Oven Model MS23J5133AG

This solo type microwave oven benefits you in many ways.

  • Fast cooking process with 16 recipes pre-set.
  • Flexibility to adjust the timings by 30 seconds.
  • Child lock feature provides safety.
  • 99.9% antibacterial protection for healthy food
  • Long lasting performance.
  • Featured with memory( Auto Restart) feature.
  • It has a maximum cooking time of 99 minutes.
  • Large turntable sizes about 28.8 cm 
  • Simple to operate and easy to clean.
  • Deodoriser keeps your oven fresh and odour-free.
  • Built with ‘Clock’ for your easy watchout on time while cooking.
  • Bright LED display.

Cons of Samsung Microwave Oven Model MS23J5133AG

The limitations of this MS23J5133AG model is revealed below.

  • You cannot make curd/dough in this oven.
  • This model does not come with a free starter kit.  
  • There is no ‘steam’ option.
  • Does not have an auto clean function.

Price of Samsung MS23J5133AG Microwave in India

Samsung solo microwave oven (MS23J5133AG) is tagged for the price of Rs.6,390 against the MRP of Rs.10,500 on Amazon. You will also get accessories like crusty plate/ round rack along with this product.   

Specifications of Samsung MS23J5133AG Microwave

Product Information






23 L

Function Type


Installation Type

Counter Top

Physical Design



Body Material

Stainless Steel and Mirror(CMF)

Cavity Material

Ceramic Enamel

Dimensions (L*W*H in Centimeters)

33.8 x 48.9 x 27.5   


12 Kgs

Control Panel

Membrane LED Display                

Energy Consumption 

Power Consumption(Microwave)

1150 Watts

Power Levels 


Special Features

Auto Cook Menu




Auto Restart




Child Lock Pattern








Anti-bacterial protection


30 sec Add


Eco Mode


Auto Clean



Product Warranty

1 Year

Magnetron Warranty

1 Year

Installation Assistance

You don’t need to worry about the installation process. Authorized Technician from Samsung can help you with the setup of your Microwave Oven. And a free demonstration is provided by the technician. You will also get a user manual along with this product.

Some of your Questions Answered

No, You will not be able to grill food in this Microwave

The maximum cooking time of the microwave is 99 min.

Yes, you can make Popcorn in this Oven.

Yes! When we had last checked there is an EMI on this microwave. Check Here to check on Amazon now.

Yes it has a deodorizing feature.


             No. It does not support fermentation.

No, It does not have a Steam Cook Option

No, You will not be able to make a cake in this microwave

             You have 6 power levels in this model.

Yes, this microwave has the Triple Distribution System.

Warning Instructions

Please follow the below guidelines strictly to avoid any possible harmful effects of using this appliance:

  • Place your Oven on a flat ground surface.
  • Only use the glass or aluminum tray in this Microwave Oven.
  • Do not try cooking with your Oven door kept open.
  • Do not use the Oven as a storage container. 
  • It is not advisable to touch the rotating tray inside the microwave oven while operating.
  • If any smoke is observed, switch off your Oven and keep the Oven door closed. Call the authorised technician immediately.
  • Don’t use the Oven if the door is damaged or not able to close properly. Call the authorised technician for service.
  • Do not dry clothes in Oven heat.

Important Note

*The Product information, warranty period and pricing mentioned above varies for each model.The pricing mentioned was at the time of publishing this post. 

*Please adhere to the above mentioned precautionary measures to enjoy a long-lasting performance of your appliance. These instructions could vary from product to product. Please read the product brochure carefully for detailed instructions.

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