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Whirlpool Fully Automatic Washing Machine (7.5 kg)

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Whirlpool Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine with 6th Sense Technology - White Magic Royal Plus 7.5

Whirlpool offers highly innovative solutions to all our home needs. Whirlpool White Magic Royal Plus washing machine could be the best choice for India’s hard water. This Fully Automatic washing machine is equipped with a 6th sense technology that gives you a complete washing with no effort. Experience a hassle-free washing now!

Next to its capacity! Whirlpool Top load Fully Automatic Washing Machine has a capacity of 7.5 kgs , suitable for a large family of 5-6 members. This product comes to you in a Delicate Grey Colour. Simply Stylish and Rocking! It covers the product warranty for 2 years and the motor warranty for 5 years.

  • 12 Wash Programs – Daily, Heavy, Delicates, Whites, Hard Water Wash, Eco Wash, Woollens, Bed Sheet, Rinse +Spin, Spin, Wash Only, Aqua Store
  • 1-2-3 Wash System: Just 3 simple buttons will enable complete wash cycle
  • LED Digital Display
  • Spiro Wash Action: gives a superior load movement with better rollover, ensuring a more uniform and thorough wash
  • Hard Water Wash Technology

What is 6th Sense Technology?

Whirlpool 6th sense technology washing machines have in-built smart sensors which makes auto detection and auto performance of certain activities. 

  • Auto Distribution – Ensures a perfect laundry balance of laundry load throughout the wash process.
  • Load Sensing – Detects the load of your laundry and notifies you on overload.
  • Auto Tub Clean  Cleans the tub automatically with the help of the water used during the wash process.
  • Dry Tap Sensing – Detects the problem in water supply and signals you.
  • Water Pressure Sensing – Auto Detects the pressure in water and adjusts the wash process accordingly.
  • Voltage Sensing – Senses the voltage fluctuations and stops the washing process automatically. Thus, provides complete protection to your appliance.
  • Detergent Dosage Sensing – Detects the required detergent level to its laundry load.

Featuring a Holistic Washing Experience!!

Whirlpool fully automatic top load washing machine features a lot more than you can imagine. 

  • Hard Water Wash – Its 6th sense smart sensors detect the hard water and adjust the wash operations accordingly. You can feel 20% better washed clothes. 
  • 123 Wash – Simple touch buttons that make easy operations.
    • Press 1 to Power on your washing machine
    • Press 2 to set the program
    • Press 3 to start the wash process
  • Spiro Wash Action – Spiro wash method rotates your clothes in a circular motion for a more powerful cleaning.
  • ZPF (Zero Pressure Fill) – Do you face the problem with your old washing machine due to low water pressure?Relax! Here is an ultimate solution for you! Whirlpool fully automatic washing machines can fill the wash tub 50% quicker even at low pressure levels. 
  • Magic Lint Filter – The Magic filter in it captures all the lints from your clothes. Leaves a clean fabric at every wash.
  • Aqua Store – Have water problems in your area. You can store the water required for your washing in the wash tub of this washing machine.
  • Delay Wash – Set the convenient time to end the wash cycle.
  • Express Wash – The quick wash program completes the wash process in a super fast manner, nearly 30-40% faster.
  • 12 Wash Programs – This washing machine is framed with 12 wash options to suit your varied requirements.
  • Protective Back Control Panel – In this model, control panel is placed at the back to avoid accidental spreading of water on it.


Pros and Cons of the Whirlpool White Magic Royal Plus 7.5

Pros of the Whirlpool White Magic Royal Plus 7.5

You can enjoy the best quality wash complete performance with this Whirlpool fully automatic washing machine.

  • Easy operation.
  • Makes a perfect clean wash even in hard water.
  • Optimal use of detergent.
  • Protection against voltage fluctuations.
  • Facility to reserve water for your next washing.
  • Auto senses the laundry load.
  • Low water consumption. Save 2 buckets of water at every wash.
  • Anti-bacterial mode for hygiene wash.
  • Delivers lint free clothes at every wash.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Energy efficient- Rated 5 star. Thus, more saving on your money.
  • Child lock feature and Auto tub clean.
  • Quick wash program

Cons of the Whirlpool White Magic Royal Plus 7.5

The limitations of this model are highlighted below.

  • Clothes looked wrinkled after washing.
  • Noise level is slightly high and also vibrates more.
  • Outlet pipe is small.

Price of the Whirlpool White Magic Royal Plus in India

Whirlpool fully automatic washing machine is tagged at the price of Rs.17,490 on Amazon and the same is available for the price of Rs. 16,980 in the company’s official website.

Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) Whirlpool White Magic Royal Plus

The annual maintenance charge of Whirlpool Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine is listed below:

Contract Period

Years Used 

1 Year


2 Year


3 Year

















Coverage Include: Wash and Spin Motor, Wash and Spin timer, Drive assy, Capacitor, Site visit charges

Specifications of Whirlpool White Magic Royal Plus

Product Information




White Magic Royal Plus 7.5

Loading point

Top Load

Operation Type

Fully Automatic

Capacity  be

7.5 Kgs

Washing Technology

6th Sense 

Wash System

Spiro Wash

Spinning Speed

740 RPM 

Physical Design




Stainless Steel

Dimensions (L*W*H in Centimeters)

56 x 54 x 98.5


30 Kgs

Control Panel 

LED Touch Display

Installation Type

Free Standing

Water Levels


Energy Consumption 

Power Consumption

230 Volts/50Hz

Energy Rating


Special Features

Smart Sensors


Magic Lint Filter


Child Lock Pattern


Washing Modes


In-built Heater


Auto Tub Clean


Soak Option


Hard Water Wash


Quick Wash


Zero Pressure Fill (ZPF)


Delay Wash


Auto Restart




2 Years

Extended Warrantyon Wash Motor & 

Prime Mover

5 Years

Installing the Whirlpool White Magic Royal Plus

You don’t need to worry about the installation process. Authorized Technician from Whirlpool can set your washing machine ready for use. And a free demonstration is provided by the technician about this appliance. You will also get a user manual along with this product.

Some of your Questions Answered

No, the whirlpool White Magic Royal Plus does not have an Invertor Motor.

yes, it does have a rat mesh at the bottom

    No, This washing machine does not have an Inbuilt Heater

Yes, it does have an End Buzzer

Warning Instructions

 In order to increase the durability of your appliance, please follow the below standard instructions:

  • Place your washing machine on a flat ground surface.
  • Make sure that your washing machine is not exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Do not plug into a damaged socket.
  • Keep your washing machine away from flammable devices.
  • Do not overload your washing machine with more laundry for effective performance.
  • Do not pour water manually into the wash tub. Always use inlet hose to supply water.
  • Keep your washing machine away from water leakage. It is suggested to use the stand to protect your appliance from unexpected water clog or leakage.

Important Note

*The Product information, warranty period and pricing mentioned above varies for each model.The pricing mentioned was at the time of publishing this post. 

*Please adhere to the above mentioned precautionary measures to enjoy a long-lasting performance of your appliance. These instructions could vary from product to product. Please read the product brochure carefully for detailed instructions.

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