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Inalsa Cooker Hood Enya 60BKBF Kitchen Chimney

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Baffle Filter/ Cooker Hood Enya 60BKBF

Impress your guests with a clean and odourless kitchen! Inalsa cooker hood has a high suction power that captures the grease and stringent smells from your kitchen instantly. It’s baffle filter technology sucks all the oil fumes before it forms a sticky texture on your kitchen tiles, gas stoves and cupboards. Fascinate your family members by your healthy cooking in a clean atmosphere!

Inalsa kitchen chimney comes to you in black colour with a beautiful pyramid design. Sizing about 60 cm makes it appropriate for a kitchen size upto 175 sq ft. An embedded LED light provides a brilliant vision to your cooking area. Adding this to your kitchen gives a modern hitech look to your home. Well! Inalsa provides 1 year of product warranty and 5 years of motor warranty for this appliance.

Inalsa 60 cm, 1050 m3/hr Kitchen Chimney Enya BKBF with Stainless Steel Baffle Filters

  • Type: Pyramid Style with Side Wall Mounting |Colour: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 60 cm (2-4 burner stove for wall mounted chimneys) | Suction Capacity: 1050m3/hr (For kitchen size ≅ 175 sqft & heavy frying/grilling)
  • Filter: Stainless Steel Baffle Filter| Control Type: Push Button Control | Max noise(dB): 65
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty (5 years on motor & 1 years on product)

Why Is It Necessary To Have A Cooker Hood?

As a homemaker, we care for the health and hygiene of our family members. Inalsa kitchen chimney combats cooking fumes, toxic pollutants and other odors.

  • Neutralizes odor – Its high suction power of 1050m3/hr quickly sucks up all harmful odors and oil fumes from your kitchen.
  • Clears Air Toxins and Airborne Viruses – Cooking in clean circulating air reduces the harmful bacteria and air borne particles come in contact with your food. This reduces the pulmonary and respiratory related problems.
  • Traps Grease – Inalsa’s Stainless Steel Baffle filter pulls the grease texture faster. Grease accumulation inside your kitchen cabinets will lead to easy catch up of fire.


What Makes Enya 60BKBF Kitchen Hood Distinct From Others?

Having known the prime importance of owning a range hood, you may ask us why we should go for an Inalsa chimney. Here is the supporting stuff:

  • Cutting Edge Technology – Its cutting edge technology builds the motor with powerful suction capacity that removes the smells and fumes quickly from your kitchen. This chimney is designed with 3 suction speeds for your varied needs.
  1. Low -25db for light cooking
  2. Medium – 45db for boiling and searing
  3. High – 65db for heaving smokes
  • Carcinogens Free Kitchen – Fumes you get out of cooking are doubted to cause lung cancer. Because carcinogens are present in the cooking fumes. Enya 60BKBF range hood keeps your kitchen all day fresh by making the surrounding air clean and healthy. 
  • Energy saving LED Lamps – Equipped with 3watts luminous LED light for a clear vision of your cooking area.
  • Silent Performer – Its low noise function enables you to enjoy a peaceful cooking experience. 
  • Baffle Filter – Cleaning this stainless steel baffle filter is much easier when compared to aluminum filters. Just wipe this filter with a clean cloth! That’s it!

Pros and Cons of the Inalsa Enya 60BKBF Chimney

Pros of the Inalsa Enya 60BKBF Chimney

The advantages of this chimney are highlighted below.

  • Healthy cooking style.
  • Powerful suction capacity of 1050 m3/hr for fast removal of smokes and fumes.
  • Greasy and oily texture free kitchen cabinets.
  • Fresh smell for a whole day
  • Adjustment of suction speed based on your cooking requirement.
  • Push button for ease use.
  • Highly energy efficient at an affordable cost.

Cons of the Inalsa Enya 60BKBF Chimney

For a better analysis, go through these limitations as well.

  • Lack of ‘Auto Clean’ Feature. 
  • A baffle filter chimney calls for maintenance. But, filterless chimneys do not require it.
  • Sounds a little while functioning.

Price of the Inalsa Enya 60BKBF Chimney In India

Inalsa cooker hood Enya 60BKBF is offered for a special price of Rs.5,290 on Amazon against the MRP of Rs.14,500. You can also avail EMI facility for this product.

Specifications of the Inalsa Enya 60BKBF Chimney

Product Information




Enya 60BKBF

Operation Type

Stainless Steel Baffle Filter

Max Suction Capacity

1050 cubic meter/hour

Physical Design





Dimensions (L*W*H in Centimeters)

50 x 60 x 64.4


60 cms


7kg 900 g

Control Panel 

Push Button

Installation Type

Wall mounting

Suction Levels


Flash Light


Energy Consumption 

Annual Power Consumption

84 Kilowatt hours

Special Features

Carcinogens Free


Cutting Edge Technology


Auto Clean


No. of LED lights


Motion Sensors


Grease Free



Product Warranty

1 Year

Motor Warranty

5 Years

Installation Assistance for the Inalsa Enya 60BKBF Chimney

You don’t need to worry about the installation process. Authorized Technician from Inalsa can set your Chimney ready for use. And a free demonstration is provided by the technician about this appliance. You will also get a user manual along with this product.

Some of your Questions Answered for the Inalsa Enya 60BKBF Chimney

Yes! Cleaning the baffle filter is much easier. Because, baffle filters have a way for grease and oil fumes to pass. Aluminium filters require more frequent cleaning compared to baffle filters.

    No. Duct is compulsory for this chimney.

In case of high smoke and fumes, the baffle filter is very effective. Filterless is best for medium smokes. But baffle filters require periodic maintenance whereas filterless technology does not call for any maintenance.

A single powerful motor with cutting edge technology for a strong suction power.

No. You need to clean this chimney manually.

3 watts LED light for a bright vision. 

No, it is not a part of installation. You have to do it from your end.

No. You need to buy it separately.

Warning Instructions

 In order to increase the durability of your appliance, please follow the below standard instructions:

  • Ensure that the duct is not connected to other exhaust products.
  • Place your chimney at least 26 inches high from the stove.
  • Be cautious with motion sensor chimneys. Because your movements mean instructions to them.
  • Make sure your Chimney is not exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Keep your Kitchen hood away from flammable devices.
  • Clean your chimney regularly, at least for 2 months once.
  • It is advisable to power off your Chimney when not in use.
  • It is recommended to buy Auto Clean Chimney for easy and safe cleaning of your Chimney.

Important Note

  • The Product information, warranty period and pricing mentioned above varies for each model.The pricing mentioned was at the time of publishing this post. 
  •   Please adhere to the above mentioned precautionary measures to enjoy a long-lasting performance of your appliance. These instructions could vary from product to product. Please read the product brochure carefully for detailed instructions.

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